In a galaxy, not so far away.


I’m a Midlands based graphic designer with 15 years agency and freelance experience. I work with clients to help them better communicate their values and brand stories through functional and engaging design.

Which – whilst making me sound competent – also sounds like every other design studio’s biog?

My first degree was in Astrophysics. So when the conversation turns to education I sometimes get ‘that’s a bit of a jump to graphic design’. I would feel a bit awkward on hearing this, as if I were some art-science anomaly sitting uncomfortably between two worlds. I’d probably make the same observation. I mean one’s something to do with erm… space and the other is about visual communication – right?

I would argue that scientists and artists have similar aims – to see the world around us in new ways; to quantify; to impart; to express.

We discuss science and art as though they are separate entities – but science is art and art is science. Both are the human attempt at understanding and articulating the uncertain world we find ourselves in.

What is certain is that both call for great leaps in imagination; neuron-powered voyages in space-time; journeys into the unknown.

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Clients include:

NHS England, NHS North of England Commissioning Service, The University of Birmingham, The Barber Institute of Fine Arts, The Bramall, The British Dietetic Association, Birmingham Electro Acoustic Sound Theatre, West Midlands Academic Health Science Network, London Music Masters, Newry Mourne and Down District Council, James Brindley Schools